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Body Control Manager Board (ECU UCM)

Pilots Front parts of vehicle: Braking assistance, lights, HVAC, etc

 Key functions

  • 2x CAN bus (including wake-up function) + 1x LIN bus
  • 6x DI VBAT proportional thresholds & hysteresis
  • 2x HS outputs 25mA typ lim 150mA + 3x LS outputs 25mA typ lim 1000mA
  • 4x PP outputs 5V 20mA typ lim 35mA + 4x outputs HS 40mA lim 65mA
  • 18 HS outputs 1,3A typ lim 2,5A

Other functions

  • UDS Bootloader (firmware reprogramming)
  • Functional CAN message management
  • UDS Diagnostic layers & services on CAN bus
  • DTC UDS Management
  • DTCs specification
  • Basic system and BIOS
  • Diagnostic drivers & I/O management (Matlab ready)
  • LIN Driver (Master & Slave) with UDS support

Our strengths

Safety Design
(Automotive Standards)

Design & development tailored to customer needs

Formal design with embedded code Generation