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We have a deep understanding of the automotive industry and its normative environment and an extensive experience of embedded electronics developments.

Why SeaSideTech

We have a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and its normative environment, a strong experience in embedded electronics developments and a recognized expertise in functional safety. Our value proposition goes beyond the strict role of an engineering office. Indeed, our role is to advise you, support you in the definition of your needs relative to functional safety, challenge your initial choices in order to not only optimize the performances of your system, but also its overall TCO, durability and integration in its destination vehicle.

SeaSideTech, specialist in embedded electronic solutions design and development for over ten years, is the ideal partner to support you in your developments.


The automotive industry is currently experiencing major paradigm shifts. For the last few decades, vehicles have seen their technological features growing constantly, adding new services to all functionalities of a vehicle: Driver and passenger safety, driving assistance, comfort and entertainment, overall performance management, all aspects of what constitutes a vehicle have seen drastic changes (and improvements) in the past few years. In addition, environmental factors, namely greenhouse effect emissions, drive car manufacturers towards an ever-growing share of “green mobility” in their product portfolio, in particular electric vehicles and more recently hydrogen-based technologies. Shifts in consumer behavior as well as public policy evolutions (greenhouse effect emission legislation is becoming increasingly stringent in most major automotive markets) tend to further spur the shift from traditional (thermal) engine to “cleaner” vehicles. Sales of electric vehicles have indeed increased two-fold in Europe in recent years. The third contributing element in this major shift is the development of artificial intelligence and its application in the field of autonomous driving. Although these types of vehicles are still far from replacing their human-steered counterparts, technical improvements are making giant leaps and attracting increasing numbers of major stakeholders (Google, Qualccom, etc.) who are massively investing in related technologies and the companies that develop them.

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