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SeaSideTech, specialist in embedded electronic solutions design and development for more than ten years, is the ideal partner to support you in your developments.

Technology Readiness Level

SeaSideTech supports you in the realization of your innovation project. Our field of expertise covers TRLs 2 to 8 described in the graph below, and in particular stages 3 to 6 which constitute our core business. As designers/developers, our job is to transform your idea into a qualified industrial product, ready to be deployed on your market, with an optimized time-to-market.


Basic principles observed and reported

Not covered by SeaSideTech, this level of research is generally carried out by official research laboratories


Concepts or applications of the technology formulated

Feasibility study, calculations and system architecture analysis


Analyzed and tested critical function or characteristic proof of concept

Proof of Concept, detailed architecture


Laboratory validation of the component or artefact

Implementation of the results of the previous steps in a first functional prototype (proto A / A+)


Validation in a meaningful environment of the component or artefact

Second prototyping and pre-series phase (Proto B/B+, pre-series)


Demonstration of the system/sub-system model or prototype in a meaningful environment

Pre-series integrated into the client system for system interfacing and qualification


Demonstration of the prototype system in an operational environment

Customer support, on-site debugging, joint testing session (on customer site)


Complete final system qualified through tests and demonstrations

Complete qualification campaign and delivery of associated documentation. Safety case finalized and delivered to client


Final system proven through successful operations/missions

Not covered By Seasidetech, the customer / OEM handles the evidence by operation / transaction

Skills and Tools


Technical Specification

Tools / Licences

Infineon Preferred Design House

Automotive industry is changing. Fast.

Since the late 1990s, embedded electronics have steadily taken over an increasing number of functions in vehicles, progressively adding key passenger security and comfort features. Driving has shifted from a practical means of getting from one place to another to a full “user experience”. The rise of Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving features and solutions reinforces the key role embedded electronics have acquired in the past few years, and this trend seems to be stronger every day.

Our range of services articulates as follows

Tools and Middleware for AURIX

SeaSideTech offers the following tools for your AURIX project:

  • SafeTpack safety manager
  • Security libraries
  • MCAL and complex drivers
  • Trace and break-out adapters
  • Development Tools (compiler, debugger)
  • Dynamic and static test tools

AURIX production service

The SeaSideTech production services for your AURIX project comprising:

  • Production of prototypes and series products
  • Fulfillment (system assembly, logistics, export control)

Engineering Services

Engineering is a SeaSideTech key competence. Design and development services, safety consulting, training and support – no matter what AURIX engineering problem you might have, our AURIX experts will help drive you to success:

  • Software development (low level driver, complex device driver, applications)
  • Unit tests
  • Hardware development (PCB design)
  • Development documentation according to safety standards
  • System concept and design (hardware, software)
  • Functional safety
    • Safety standards (IEC 61508, ISO 26262, …)
    • Safety concept
    • Certification requirements
    • Process consulting (according to standards)

Support Cycle

Seasidetech PDH

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