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We have a culture of innovation, progress and transparency. Publishing our CSR policy is a formalization of our commitment and a further step in our drive for continuous improvement.

A word from the President

“As a designer of embedded electronic products, SeaSideTech has been contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for over ten years. Indeed, SeaSideTech develops tools and technologies allowing its customers to reduce their environmental impact by improving their performance in terms of energy consumption. Our products accompany and facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles on a large scale, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of traditional mobility.

Social responsibility is a major element of our company’s DNA, and is therefore at the heart of every employee’s concerns. Our commitment, supported by our shareholders, stakeholders and employees, is based on four major axes, which we strive to advance every day: ensuring well-being in the workplace, being an ethical and socially responsible company, protecting the environment, and developing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

This global approach is naturally part of our daily concerns, and we now wish to formalize it in our CSR policy.

This policy aims to establish a framework for defining our objectives, planning our actions, measuring our actions and sharing them with our stakeholders.

We want all employees to be at the same level of information on the standards to be respected in their daily activities and their relations with others. Our corporate culture is to hold everyone accountable and to ensure that we and our stakeholders share a common ethical vision in the conduct of our business.

At SeaSideTech, we have a culture of innovation, progress, and transparency. Publishing our CSR policy is a formalization of our commitment and an additional act in our continuous improvement process.”


The steering committee determines the orientations of SeaSideTech, and ensures their implementation. This committee is composed of five members, four of whom have a direct operational role in the company’s activities. It deals with matters relative to the smooth running of the company, and settles, through its deliberations, the main issues that concern it. The management committee chooses from among its members the president of SeaSideTech SAS, who manages the company.

CSR is carried out collectively by all employees, under the impetus of our management. As the size of the company does not currently justify the implementation of an HSE department, the actions will initially be piloted by the sales department. A dashboard and a biannual follow-up of the actions, shared with the management and communicated to the employees during the “stand-up meeting” following its update, give an account of the actions and progress made by the company during the period under evaluation.

Ensuring well-being
at work

Ensure a balance between company performance and employee quality of life.

Promote social dialogue.

Social dialogue is part of SeaSideTech’s identity and allows us to respond to employees’ expectations, to promote continuous improvement and to bring out new ideas to improve the company’s organizational performance, well-being in the workplace, and thus to enhance the quality of the products and services offered by the company, in line with the global development strategy.

Major issues such as professional equality, quality of life at work, fight against discrimination and skills management are at the heart of the Human Resources policy. These topics are subject to particular attention from management, and proactive policies are put in place to promote diversity, equal treatment of women and men, and the fight against discrimination. Any employee who witnesses or observes inappropriate behavior in the context of the company’s activities is invited to inform management immediately.

An ethical and socially
responsible company

Offering the same opportunities to all, having an exemplary professional behavior, being involved in the life of our community beyond the professional sphere, are values at the heart of SeaSideTech’s corporate culture.

SeaSideTech is present on the whole national territory and outside the borders of France. This global footprint makes the company’s relationship with its stakeholders, especially external ones, as complex as it is enriching and varied. In order to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with its interlocutors, the company must be irreproachable in its conduct and demanding in terms of quality and durability in its relations with its ecosystem. Aware of what it can bring to its partners, the company mobilizes all its resources, its know-how and the skills of its employees in order to provide relevant and competitive solutions to its partners.

Protecting the environment

SeaSideTech is committed to fighting against global warming and reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

SeaSideTech strives to go beyond regulatory requirements in the fight against global warming. Air, water and soil pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetic environment, waste treatment, reduction of plastic packaging, use of renewable energies, limitation of electricity consumption are the subject of particular attention on a daily basis. The management informs new employees of the company’s policy when they take up their duties, and each employee ensures that it is implemented correctly on a daily basis.

Developing sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions

Environmental conservation is not only about energy consumption for productive and non-productive activities. In addition to the above activities, SeaSideTech has made resource and energy conservation a core part of its development strategy. In this sense, our company strives to develop products with the fewest components necessary to perform the desired function without impacting the desired level of performance, and to offer innovative solutions for power and energy consumption.

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