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Control your fuel expenditures thanks to Eco-Pilot!

Control your fuel expenditures thanks to Eco-Pilot!


Fossil energy costs are sky-rocketing, strongly impacting shipowners’ & ship chandlers’ earnings. In this context, fine monitoring of fuel consumption becomes a strong competitive advantage and a key success factor. Combined with increasingly restrictive legislation on greenhouse gasses emission, precise monitoring of effective fuel consumption has become paramount.

Eco-Pilot is the ideal tool to enable shipowners to visualize, measure and optimize their fleet oil consumption, and support captains in the optimization of their piloting in real-time conditions. Our solution goes beyond mere fuel consumption as it also provides key information to enhancing fuel savings and environment-friendly piloting: positioning, weather conditions, ship speed, are all centralized and recorded or directly transferred on shore where they can be analyzed thanks to our dedicated software.

This tool will allow you to analyze the impact of routes, piloting behavior as well as the external climatic conditions on your fleet fuel consumption, thus enabling significant savings. This is a major asset for the implementation of Ship Efficiency Management Plans, savings incentive policies, fairings modifications and other efficiency policies. Our tool enables you to make the right decisions based on reliable and accurate data.

label ecopilot Seasidetech
label ecopilot Seasidetech

Technical characteristics

Overall system precision2,2%
Flowmeter precision0,1%
Power supply24 VDC
Consumption2A per engine
Display6 inches, TFT, LED backlighting, Touchscreen (Alternate sizes available upon request)
ConnectionIP65 Screw lock
LanguagesFrench, English, Spanish
Event recording4Gb, eq. 1~2 years data
Data transfer protocolGSM/GPRS/Satellite
CAN inputEngine parameters
CertificationBureau Veritas (ongoing)


Kral flowmeters specially designed for maritime diesel engines

Simple and reliable CAN bus communication

 Advance solution security

Navigation history allowing recommendation generation

Kral Flowmeters

We believe a 0.5% flowmeter precision is not enough for a precise measurement. The initial sensor precision is a key element as, in systems featuring several flowmeters, errors amplify following a mathematical propagation law.

Thus, with two classic oval wheel flowmeters with a 0.5% precision, your endpoint precision may very well be over 30% at idle speed. Such a low precision measure simply discards correct consumption monitoring. This is why we have selected guaranteed 0.1% precision flowmeters.

Easy commissioning thanks to CAN Bus

Eco-Pilot is a sensor network based on CAN bus technology.

This technology originated in the automotive industry, which chose it for its reliability, its distributed operation (a faulty element does not affect the efficiency of the network, unlike centralized networks), its flexibility and its ease of installation.

The installation of the Eco-Pilot requires the connection of a single cable. Each element is easily connected to this cable.

Advanced Security

Triple safety Bypass

Putting a flow meter in series with your fuel line is a risk to be considered carefully, regardless of the price and quality of the equipment used.

The Maritime Affairs authorities state that bypassing flow meters is recommended when a boat enters a channel.

Navigation history

The Eco-Pilot records navigation data and associated weather conditions and correlates them with fuel consumption data, allowing a fine analysis of the vessel’s steering profile according its route.

and user-friendly interface

The Eco-Pilot has a simple and easy to use interface. All controls are available from the touchscreen (backlit for night navigation). A diagnostic module is available to quickly identify an engine problem. Data can be retrieved via a USB stick, or sent directly via secure satellite or GPRS transmission.